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A Glimpse into the Nordic Propel@YH Boot Camp.

Rebecca, our Founder and Senior Clinical Safety Specialist recently had the privilege of participating in the second Nordic Propel@YH Boot Camp as one of the 15 programme partners.

The boot camp, organised by Health Innovation Yorkshire, unveiled a selection of nine HealthTech innovations that could bring innovative HealthTech solutions to the region’s population. DigiSafe, at the forefront of compliance and regulatory frameworks, shared and delivered a workshop created to provide the internationals with insights and recommendations into the DCB0129 mandated clinical safety standards.

Innovations from the boot camp included a device that assists in the clinical evaluation and triage of suspected stroke, and a test used to monitor disease activity in patients with Irritable Bowel Disease (IBD). 

As a programme partner, Rebecca shared DigiSafe’s experience, involvement and passion to drive such innovations forward while ensuring true compliance. Discussions touched upon interoperability challenges, MHRA medical device registration and the interlink with DCB0129 and ISO standards. By providing the innovators with the knowledge, requirements and expectations from the NHS, this enables them to consider clinical safety, overall governance frameworks and also the overall DTAC considerations. Rebecca was joined by Michael Bell, the founder of Acorn Compliance, a proud partner of Digisafe. He touched on all the domains which are part of DTAC and showcased DTAC Squirrel. An AI powered first and only compliance toll backed by experts. 

Rebecca said “I am delighted to be part of the Propel@YH Bootcamp. Through collaboration and innovation we can transform healthcare, ensuring that every patient receives the personalised care they deserve sooner, by providing the innovators with the knowledge required they can break down barriers and ensure compliance is embedded from the start of their journey, getting NHS ready faster and properly”.

Rebecca’s role as a programme partner at the Nordic Propel@YH Boot Camp reflects DigiSafe’s dedication to driving positive change in the industry, and ultimately improving the lives of patients through safe solutions.